How to find a cheap flight?

In order to find a cheap flight, it is good if you are a bit flexible with the dates you'd like to travel. In addition, you can usually find the cheapest flights if you book a fair bit in advance and if you compare a few different airlines.

A great flight price comparison website is Once you find the best suitable flight here, it is worth checking the website of the airline to see if there might be an even cheaper flight the day before or after.

Overall, we recommend booking your flights with the airline direct (rather than through a travel agency), as it is easier to deal with the airline direct when you need to make changes or you have questions while you are on the road. You could also avoid extra administration fees that some travel agencies charge.

That said: "Complicated flights" - such as 'Round-the-world' tickets or open jaw flights (that's when you arrive in one destination but you are leaving from a different location) are still usually booked best through an agent as they usually know what they are doing and booking a round-the-world-ticket on your own can be pretty complicated. 

If you are a student or under 26 years of age, it's also worth giving STA, Student Flights or similar student orientated travel agencies a call - they often have special deals for student flights with special conditions on change fees - especially if you are heading out on a 1-year trip where the chances of having to change dates on different legs are pretty high.

Before booking your flights: check what's best for your destination!

Some tips:

  • Depending on where you want to go, consider booking an open-jaw flight (arrive in Brisbane for example and leave from Melbourne). It's best to ask BEFORE YOU BOOK THE FLIGHT, which direction campervans and cars "need to be moved" and if you book your flight so that you can fit your rental into dates the rental companies need vehicles moved, you may just get a real bargain or at the very least won't be paying a high one-way fee. In New Zealand it is pretty much always cheaper to start in Christchurch and end in Auckland!
  • On the West Coast of the USA (California) one-way rentals are not always a great idea. The triangle between LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas and back to LA is a perfect travel route and flying in and out of the same location as well as renting in and out of the same location is many hundreds of dollars cheaper than opting for a one-way rental. 
  • Cheap flight destinations are usually the ones many people go to - and especially airports that have charter flights arriving in them! Las Vegas can get super cheap deals but Los Angeles also. Auckland is usually the cheapest airport to fly into if you are heading to New Zealand and in Australia; the cheapest airports are usually Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. In Europe it really depends on where you are coming from but the most common cheap airports are in London and Frankfurt.
  • Check your travel dates against the seasons in your destination. Sometimes you can save a few hundred $$ on rental fees and / or flights if you go a week earlier or a week later!
  • Check the availability and price of your prefered rental vehicle before booking your flight. You may find that an extra $100 paid for a flight into Calgary may save you $1000 in rental fees compared to flying into Vancouver or the other way around.
  • If an open jaw-flight turns out to be expensive, check the price of a domestic flight separately - you might find some cheapy airline that will take you from Auckland to Christchurch for as little as NZ$40! Just always check where the cheapy airline is flying from! Especially in Europe, the airports can be FAR away from each other and getting from one to the other - even if it is in the same city may be a nightmare for time but expensive also.
  • Check baggage allowances before you book - this is especially important if you are planning to bring a bike, a surfboard or a guitar on your holiday. With cheap airlines you sometimes also only get 15kg (if at all) included where on long distance it's usually 20kg still.

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